Harry Leon has lived in La Crescenta with his wife Maral and two children since 2003. Local business owner, Harry was elected to the Crescenta Valley Town Council in 2010 and has produly served his community as president of the council since 2016. Harry spearheaded the Cresenta Valley Youth Council initiative; a Los Angeles County Commisioner in the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs; Chair of Glendale Community College's Measure G Oversight Committee; member of GUSD's Measure S Oversight Committee; Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Volunteer; member of the Los Angeles Angeles County Sheriff's Department Advisory Board; former member of the CV Drug and Alcohol Coalition; and Advisory Board member for HealWithin International. As a member of the GCC Board of Trustees, Harry will focus on student access and success at GCC, he will encourage increased enrollment, work to enhance professional development as well as job training programs, maintain oversight of the budget, facilitate expanded online degree and programs at GCC, seek innovative solutions to lower textbook costs, including the use of open source textbooks, work to continue diverifying GCC's faculty and staff to reflect the Glendale community while maintaining quality of instruction and services at GCC.


Oversee the community needs through public work

Created an emergency task force which includes (CVTV, Supervises Office, GUSD, Public Work, Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department, CHP)

Created a task force for traffic and safety around local unincorporated La Crescenta Schools


  • President of Crescenta Town Council for 7+ years

  • Chair of GCC oversight measure G

  • Past Chair of GUSD oversight measure S

  • Youth advocate

  • Current Los Angeles County Commissioner of Department of Consumer and Business Affairs

  • Chair of Los Angeles County Legislative Committee Consumers Affairs

  • Member of Crescenta Valley Advisory Board

  • Member of Crescenta Valley High School Prom Plus

  • Certified Volunteer Mediator for Los Angeles County Superior Court

  • Member of Crescenta Valley American Legion

  • Member of UISDHR (US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights)

  • Member of The Impact Foundation a nonprofit

  • Member of Steering Committee for CVWD


Ensure that GCC students are set up for success

Provide a foundation for support for GCC Students

Work to enhance professional development as well as job training

Develope innovative solutions to lower textbook costs

Expand online degrees & programs


Mike Lawler

Community activist and past president of Crescenta Valley Historic Society

Dr. Suh and Mr. James Pak and Mr. Chang Lee

Past presidents of Korean American community in La Crescenta and Glendale

Joe Kroening

A community activist and longtime resident of Crescenta Valley and Glendale

Danette Erickson

Past president of Crescenta Valley Town Council and president Crescenta Valley Women’s Club and community activist

Michael Antonovich

Former Los Angeles country supervisors for the 5 districts